There he was going, Earphones on, with cool looking goggles, a neatly ironed piece of clothing, a zappy new bike. He was within the field of my sight ever since I boarded the jam packed Auto Rickshaw ten minutes ago. Envy oozed into the innermost neurons of my brain, i just tried to keep my calm on and turned away trying to focus on more fruitful visions of the day. But who can resist the real beauty on the road?!. I could not lay off my eyes from the bike. It was then it happened. Ina tiniest fraction of the blink of the eye, the bike disappeared from my line of vision. I cursed my eyes for the sudden optical illusion it created or was it??. The bike resurfaced again a fair distance off the road into an old dike, off the road deformed and dirtied. The auto rickshaw in which I was traveling came to a halt along with the vehicles of some other on lookers. I got down with the enthusiasm off knowing what happened. And the result which I saw simply shook the senses in me. The same guy who looked like he drank the elixir of life a few minutes ago looked gory and lifeless as his skull lay cracked on the boulder below the road. It looked like Death encased that man's life in its lap for the mere fun of it.

I was walking past the big Gulmohar tree right past my house, my thoughts began to wander to the days when I used to play cricket right under its gigantic canopy with three little wickets carved on its trunk. As years passed, this tree became a shelter for a much unexpected visitor. A woman who lost her husband and became shelter less managed to save a few earnings and get a wooden shackle built round this tree and eke out a living as a washerwoman. I just gave one loving glance to the tree and went back home to take shelter to the largest demon in summer- The Sun. How could I guess that I would be seeing the tree for the last time in my life?!. That evening a thunderstorm brew over the sea and hung its dark veils the city. Strong gales blew the whole time that evening. After a long electricity drought night the day passed bringing with it another new dawn with it a day filled with many surprises. After the routine jobs of the day, I had a chance to take a glimpse of the world outside. The sight left me aghast. The mighty Gulmohar tree which looked like the ancient gate keeper of the colony was uprooted. The scene was like as if invisible chains were hanging this tree as chandelier up from the heavens. Shocked, I went out to inquire about the happenings. The truth came out along with it the misery. The strong gales of the previous day blew this ancient wrestler from the roots. This led into a chain reaction in which the shackle of the washerwoman was also ripped apart leaving the poor merciful soul lifeless. Soon after, the very next day to be precise life retained normalcy and the routine drones of life made everyone forget the tragedy just told.

Think Think and think. For how many living beings we have become the Lord of Death??. For how many happy lifes have we become the Giver's of the Doom?!.

Just imagine. What if the same happens to us. What if Mother Nature thinks our stay on this land is unnecessary?. Every second that has passed is leading us farther and farther into the Lap of Death. Life which seems to be on a high can suddenly come crashing down bringing with it the Palls of Doom, Every moment of our life passed brings us closer to the drought of creativity. Did you ever feel the same about life??.

I might be termed as pessimistic. But what good does optimism do?
Bring the time back??.
No, being optimistic may buy you sometime but on the whole, the truth remains the same. Time and tide wait for none.

If this little thought that Death can follow you anywhere is registered in your (or everyone's mind) half the wars on this earth could be stopped.

We fight because we all want something. In that process we don't hesitate even to let down people who followed you loyally. Jealousy, Envy replace the original qualities prior to starting your goal. But think. Is it all necessary?? In this short life one may attain the honor of sailing the High Seas but one can't just predict when one's fortune will turn.

To stop all the misery in this Heartless world, one just needs to think. Think as if he were dying the very next moment. The judgment what one does after it will definitely lead to a sunnier proposition.

Fear of Death can make you love your fellow beings. Understanding the very tricks that nature plays can help you think in a much thoughtful way. If understood properly the fear of Death can lead you to a much much happier life and make you the Angel of Love for someone else.

All that one needs to do is THINK!!...