Before I shoot into the topic i'm going to write first is a small greeting to everyone. "Happy new Year!!". Well I have late in wishing you all and even more late in publishing a new post. But the circumstances are not always the same, which may affect the mood of a writer(In this context me).

The year 2008 had been a spectacular and special year for me. I have gone through many ups and downs. But I consolidated my position strongly in all walks of life when I received my biggest psychological blow ever. Death of my dearest Grandpa. This shook me and my family tremendously. This the reason due to which I have been unable to navigate the blogosphere normally as before. The thoughts which my mind used to contain leaked endlessly making me practically empty. But now i found my foothold again and I am working on my new post which may take another week for me to publish.

Until next time keep anticipating!!