Well what's the most hardest time in a students career???
EXAMS!!! I dread exams for their silent monotony. The seriousness of writing is so intense that I would prefer put my head under a moving truck than writing. The serious faces of lectures and pale and hopeless emotions of my classmates make me shiver.

The great freedom fighters have fought for the freedom of general public but they never thought about the poor young minds which are subjected to torture every six months!! The tension in the exam makes me forget half of what I have read and the rest half the lecturer does'nt understand!! The result being a total ZERO!! Well the 'tamasha' does'nt nd after writing the exam, but it comes just after it!!
RESULTS!! Well even the most brave warrior fears death in the same way even the brightest student is afraid of results!! It really gives a fatal stroke to the students and parents alike!!

Can exams really show the true talents of a student?? Can they speak about the student??
The answer will be a big NO!! Even a average student can mug up answers and become a ranker but a logical student fails in mugging up!! To make India a better place the examination pattern should be changed.

But it is true that one should not feel bad if he does not do the exam well, exams don't test al round development but only a part of the complete brain. If one fails he should remember that he is an expert in some other area. Its a true fact that every person is unique in one way!!

Until next time, busy with exams!!!