I'm lucky to be born as a boy.
I'm lucky to be tall,
These are some of the few sentences which keep ringing in my mind whenever I see my servant maid or my mom doing household chores like washing, cleaning etc. As any other lazy human being I'm least interested in helping them out. My only feelings when I see my parents or my servant maid is a feeling of pity and sympathy, "Gosh,I was not a girl"!!. I had this girls should do everything feeling right from my childhood. In fact I thought girls were only born to serve boys( an much more appropriate usage would be male and female). Yesterday I had to get rid of this notion of mine.Because,

I had to wash my own clothes!!!!

It so happened that our servant maid bunked work for about more than a week (for reasons unknown!!). The clothes were left unwashed and unattended all this time. As the pile was increasing my mom's patience started decreasing(i.e inversely proportional!!!). The pile was so huge that our washing machine after some 4 complete cycles broke down. The left over pile of dirty clothes were my clothes. My mom was so tired that she asked me to wash that pile of clothes myself. I grunted and gave her a cheeky reply that grown up boys never wash clothes.
Bang came the punishment, Washing my clothes the very next day, which according to my bad luck happened to be a Sunday.

I was made to wake up early in the morning, and was given a brief training in how to wash clothes. My head started swirling as my mom started off her free tutorial. Immediately acting sick I took refuge of my bed . My mom sensing my intentions kicked me from my bed and then left me to decide upon washing clothes or wearing the stinking ones over and again. Left without an option i went into the utility space to wash my clothes.

As I have mentioned above I never cared a damn about all these household chores. But now I was sitting in the utility space with a heap of dirty clothes which were waiting to get a clean 'surf' bath.I had this carefree type of attitude where I would stain my clothes and come back home and say 'surf excel hain naa'. This time I was grunting because I stained my clothes. My mom told me that as I was strong boy(!) I could finish the whole job in 1hour. But there I was with muscles pains and leg cramps at the half mark of the dirty clothes. Famished, I then realized how much pain my mom and our servant maid were under going every day.
The job which could have been done in an hour took me approximately about five hours. I tore 3 buttons of my favorite shirt . I realized the pain of doing household work. I promised myself that the next time I see my mom doing these works again. I would just go and help her.
Indeed there are no works specially reserved for women. If we want a cleaner home and surroundings, we should also start working.

I left the utility by being a weaker, happier and a soapier man. I realized the true spirit of team work.

Until next time HOUSEKEEPING!!!!