I was ruthlessly careless , wasting time whenever it came and now here I am behind a sea of voluminous books and mountainous backlogs. I wish
I could utilize my time and devote much more time my academia properly. But the time ran away from me like wind under the sky, even though I want it back desperately I can't get it. Beating out my heart's innermost sentiments and sorrows I'm writing this post.

Can I change myself??
Can I be the same old person again???
Can i again get all my happiness back??

These are some of the questions still left unanswered. The new college surroundings must have changed me or its my own procrastination that makes me a ZERO today. The semester is coming up. Almost every day I am doing a night out. Huge records to be written, bundles of pages to be read and tonnes of works to be done. I am in shit hole of problems currently but I am not afraid. After all life is the synonym for problem. I am enjoying this adrenaline 'less' journey. If there is a god for time, I would pray to him and ask him to wash my sins away and I promise him that I will never waste his wealthy resource i.e. time.

Until next time, busy with exams...