When was the last time you felt that the movie was worth the ticket?? Hmm….Well a big question to answer. You can count the numbers on your fingers. It’s as simple as it!! There are not many movies worth watching nowadays. Gone are the days when the people used to go to the movies for a leg shaking item number with a semi-naked dancer and a full dressed hero. The 3 fights and 6 duets era is over. We want sense in the movies. The last time I went to a movie, I liked only the theatre’s bathrooms and nothing else (They were not stinking!!!). Imagine the plight of an ordinary cine goer like me who expects some worth in the movie for which I paid Rs 78 as the ticket but gets nothing in return except for some cheap thrills, ugly makeup and an over exposing heroine. I am really disgusted with the transition in Indian cinema. In olden days the main ladies used to portray so Indian feminity in their roles. Now it’s our turn guessing whether the heroine is Indian or not (well if the heroine dyes her hair with bleach and stuff who cares??) Nowadays movies bank only on the hype. A little bit hype is okay but too much hype for an over rated film is above the imagination. Nearly all the latest Bollywood flicks are based on foreign country feuds and stuff. Well don’t the producers have a better way of wasting their money?? A shot or two abroad is ok but I get adamant when India is shown only in now shot that too the climax part. Hindi movies are spoiling the young. There were days when going to the discotheque was considered unholy. But now thanks to Bollywood girls with noodle straps and skirts are common in the bars and pubs!!!Even Bollywood shows the mafia empire as something godly and makes it look more stylish. A definition for a mafia don in the Bollywood way: A cool dude with hair painted white and wearing the choicest Dolce & Gabbana suits and always flirting with the bikini clad item girl. This Don kills as if he were squatting a fly. All this is enough to mislead an uneducated village guy to enter the DARK trade.All Bollywood mafia movies are about drugs, human trafficking and crime syndicates. And it’s more or less an adult movie if it were to skip the censor viewing.And even the so called ‘ART’ movies are nothing but old plays lifted straight off the book in the director’s blatant point of view. They are disgusting. The routine type Bollywood mirch masala films stopped working at the Box Office.The masala movies are the example for stereotype Bollywood movies. A 6pack abs hero, a bikini clad heroine, a lame skinny mother, some ear shattering music and finally a twitching climax and shit. Ooops I forgot to add the main ingredient – an item song!!! Well this is the pucca commercial type of movies, made only for the masses and the goddamned multiplex audience. Even the so called movies for children have more adult content than the ordinary ones. Coming to the worst part in the Hindi movies, the music. The tunes are lifted straight from other artiste’s albums without even giving credits to them (when was the last time you heard an original Pritam song???) The music has long lost its Indian character. The traditional Indian music has been replaced by synthetic music synthesizers and stuff. And here even some good tunes are getting damaged by the remixes!!! Even I can make a remix provided I have a music mixing software. Just add some fast tempo to the original song, behold the remix is formed!!!.When we pay for the ticket we have the ultimate rights to patronize a film. Actors show off as if they were the lone human’s alive o the earth. They do at times forget that we (read it as the audience) provide them with the star status. And finally even a kid can judge a good film from a bad one, Can’t the producers or the rest of the crew judge whether the movie is going to work out or not!!! More than 60% movies flop at the box office. Now, isn’t that a figure to be noticed?? I guess instead of spending crores and crores of rupees on useless flicks It’s better to do charity at least the producers can get some ‘moksha’.Finally, the movie run time in India always crosses the 2hour 30minute gap. Be it be a thriller or a family saga it’s the same situation. The result??? Long dragging post interval drama or bleak comedy. I think directors should learn about reducing the show time and increase the content. The best example in this segment is ‘A Wednesday’ made in a 1and half hour format with excellent taking.India is the only country where film stars are given the shitty star status. Movie stars can become politicians and even chief ministers. Maybe who knows after 30 years Mallika Sherawat can be the chief minister of Haryana. It’s just a guess. The 40+ SRK is the ‘YOUTH’ icon, what rubbish. And even the lineage battle hinders true talent. I think instead of making a bad movie with a known actor its better making an average movie with a new comer.
A small conversation which I want to mention here:-A week ago I was talking with my friend about my new post on my blog. It was about terrorism. He told me that terrorism was not a relevant topic to write about. He said that I could not conclude properly on the topic. He told me that terrorism cannot be eradicated and my topic does not gel properly with the actual situation. I felt that he has, in fact no right to give such bland statements, because if we try our level best maybe it might be eradicated. So I replied back saying that in my blog I had the right to post whatever shit I wanted to. Up came an unexpected reply from him, “Pawan, I agree that you have the right to post whatever shit you want to, but please don’t expect us (as in the sense other blogger’s) to read the shit what you write”.
I conclude telling, “Directors have the right to film whatever shit they want to, but they should not expect the audience to watch that shit”. Absolutely true. This sentence is really meaningful. So lets follow it!!!