'Blog', I never understood what it meant. One day in december last year, i just ran a wiki search to know what a blog means. Firstly, I was bored by the description given there. It indirectly meant a personal diary kept open for everyone to read. But I had a small impulse within me, which made me to create my first blog. But as it was my natural tendency to be lazy, i gave up without posting!! I never knew how vital this tool was going to be. I realised it half a year later. To be frank Blogging infact bandaged my broken heart. I lost in every phase of life. Academics,Love, friendship and so and so forth.. But it helped me to bounce back into the normal stream of events, hence reducing my mental worry.
In the month of july this year, i went to through a lot of hardships in my life. My academics were down to the earth. All my attempts to remember the previous years concepts was like water under the bridge. I did'nt feel like studying. At one point of time I realli hated myself. I questioned myself to find the true meaning for life. Bad luck again, I found no answer. Depressed, I gave up all hopes. But then I had found Nirvana, a true liberation from all my troubles.
Lo and behold I found my second life in blogging. Actually I was inspired blog after reading an excellent blog of one of my classmates. So all I wanted to do was I wanted to test the untamed water's of blogging. I found a foot hold and now Im loving it. Putting out all your minds thoughts on paper(in this context the screen!!0 gives a unique satisfaction only known to fellow writer's and bloggers . I had realisation after I started blogging. Life has no end. Whatever might be the reason something or the other in life stands on our way. In my case uts the satisfaction i got from blogging. It feels good to see people giving you suggestions to the unsolved problems in life and sharing their experiences in life.
For all those of you who are feeling really low down please its my sincere sugsestion to take up blogging. I'm sure for people who love to write, it will be a passion. Recommend this and see a new life being born out.
Until the next time, Happy blogging.
Write and tell others to write, Atleast in this way one can find Nirvana.....