Attack by militants on the parliament 13 dead.Mumbai serial Bomb blasts kills 292 people.Bomb blasts in the temple city of Varanasi Serial bombs tear away Ahmadabad.New Delhi rocks under blasts in market places.
And many many more. What’s the reason for all this??Why are innocent people bearing the brunt of these religious fanatics??Whose mistake is it??? The governments or the radicals??And finally can it be ever stopped??Coming to the point, today when I was reading the news paper I saw something which moved me immensely. Previously I used to think that these terrorists were some foreign nationals who are poor and so forced to enter militant groups for a living. But this time I was proved wrong. Absolutely wrong. A computer graphics engineer is one among those who planned these Delhi bombings.Some Qualified engineers were behind the Mumbai blasts. They are all the guy next door types. They are Indians by birth, use every last resource in India and just kill innocent people telling that this beautiful nation provided them nothing. We cannot distinguish between a terrorist and a normal person. What makes one a terrorist when over 100crore of Indians are happy with nations rule but only some radical freaks turn around this peaceful country for some silly cause. Is the government not providing them with facilities like others?? It isn’t being partial towards any citizen. But as no person is 100% efficient in the same way no government is 100% efficient because the government is made of people, ordinary people like you and me so it can also never be 100% efficient.What is the reason behind our own Indians betraying us and helping militants??Why is that day by day insecurity level is rising. There used to be days when Indira Gandhi used to walk in midst of people. Now can we imagine Man Mohan Singh or any another popular politician come out without security cordons?? Can we ever get a ahimsa state as Gandhiji wished??Well we can’t possibly change each and every radical freak, but at least teach our generation not to distinguish between religions and caste. Remember whatever be the religion or caste the other man too has the same blood and he too drinks water. When there is a blood transfusion doctors don’t check the religion of the man but they check the blood group. In a country where great thinkers like Abdul Kalam are alive why is it that only a few art of the society is fighting a hapless war and sacrificing the security of the people???Because of deeds of a few we are facing a large number of problems. Heavy security and security frisks have become common at all public places. Man does not believe another man due to the ideologies of some TERRORISTS. Look at THE US where the government has taken enough steps to check that there are no more terrorist attacks and pronto after 7 years too there is not even a minor attack. India on its part has a slackened intelligence bureau and corrupt officials. Every month or so we are reading news about some terrorist operation somewhere. I feel that to change the scenario the realization should start from the ‘aam aadmi’ level. They should be thought to live with secularism. Every plant starts from the bud level and hence the tree of terrorism should be nipped at the bud level itself. Children should be thought the pain of killing another human. They should be thought that kindness and character matter a lot than the caste and religion. The meaning of education should be on a broader level. Not just books and exams. One can change the future but not the present.
Terrorism is easy to eradicate if the people are enlightened about its consequences and sufferings. No single group on this earth can take over the peace of our heavenly country INDIA!!!

Jai Hind!!!