Here is the reason why i am writing about hate when my previous posts were all about my love.
The reason is simple , my girl didnt like me to write all about her in my blog. So as to keep her happy(which is my only goal in life!!) i have stopped my previous post in middle!!!....But i do make a solemn promise that i will at a point of time reveal wat happened after July 22nd!!!..
Im feeling really really low down nowadays because of my personal life, love affair and finally academics. so to keep myself cool and get going i wanted to write my feelings down here, which to really some extent helps.
As i have said earlier that HATE is not THe anti thesis of love. Love has no opposite. The only thing in life which can make LOVE impossible is DEATH. Only when a man is dead there can be no reciprocation of love. Other wise there can be love anywhere!!!
So one thing is sure whatever anyone might think, i will keep on loving my girl till my time ends.
But here comes another question, wat was i doin to keep myself happy???
I couldnt possibly make myself happy but i could atleast manage to keep myself engaged and concentrate on one subject!!!
PSYCHOPATHS!!!! Interesting isnt it??
I have learnt enough of this to comment on this particular type of humans, THE GOOD BAD and EVERYTHIN!!!!
So keep readin to find out frm me WHAT MAKES A PSYCHOPATH!!!