Try to guess what the title means??? I bet no one can unless they read this post!!! i had a childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, later it changed and i wanted to become a scientist(i was fascinated by science then!!!) and finally i wanted to become a writer,director,politician. They seem a bit high, but they can be achieved after all, each and every writer and politician alive on this earth have more or less the same capabilities which we have, the only difference is that they use their talents whereas we don't use them. After finishing my 10th i told my parents that i won't ever go to a corporate college for doing my 11th and 12th standard but i was forced to join in one because according to my parents i should walk in the same path as my fellow counterparts(!). Well off i went to the college where there were no holidays , where there were 14working hours(a day!!) , the most sickening bathrooms I was ever into so on and so forth!!!
Well then after i went into the college i learnt the bitter truth, no one respected education as a whole. They only respected 2 branches of education and they are engineering and medical. Each and every person whom i knew used to ask me whether i joined in engineering or medical. When i used to say that i had joined in an engineering stream, they used to tell that i should get(or crack!!!) India's most toughest exam ever IIT!!! Well i just used to nod my head there for their satisfaction but i used to have some small doubts in my mind which later(read it as NOW!!!) got bigger!!!
What's the true meaning Education??? Is it all about becoming a software engineer or doctor and earn money ?? Isn't there any other option???
And is education only for earning money?? The answer is surely no but the current scenario of Indian education is such that the student does NOT study for any knowledge but he studies only for the satisfaction of his parents and for the five lettered social evil-'MONEY'!!!!
My grandad still recites a poem which was taught to him over 60 years ago!! Now friends can we even tell the name of the poem which was taught a year ago?? Such is the situation!! The teacher's also teach for the sake of money, neither do they have any care for the students nor they have a proper background!!!
If a stunning 80% students go for engineering and medical what about commerce and fine arts??? The reason why India is not becoming a super power is because of its money centered education but not its knowledge centered one!!!
The next time when one see's a child in dilemma about his future, guide him in the right path. A work when liked will look like a hobby but when its looked like something necessary it tends to be boring!!!
Please choose your career according to your taste but not due to other's force or the trend!!!
Because other's are not going to work for you and also trends are not PERMANENT!!!
In fact an IDEA can CHANGE your life!!!